About Jason

Jason was born in 1961 and spent his early years in north-west London. He went into publishing having trained as a book designer and paper engineer. His appointment as a senior designer for Ladybird Books in 1994 meant a family move to the Rushcliffe village of East Leake, which has been his home for the past 25 years and the base for Jason’s own publishing business since 1998.

Passionate about the development and wellbeing of children and teenagers, Jason has served as a local school governor and Scout Leader for many years. The motivation to campaign within the Green Lib Dem movement comes from a desire to leave his two grown-up children, and their generation, with a safe and sustainable environment. In Parliament, Jason would introduce a Private Members’ Bill to ban the use of all oil-based plastic packaging. He believes that we need to ‘tread lightly on the planet’ by re-using, recycling and repairing whenever we can.

Jason’s policy interests include campaigning for better care for the elderly and their independent living; advocating for the adoption of modular eco-build housing schemes; better public transport access from rural areas to NHS care; and a Universal Basic Income as part of a ‘circular’ economy that provides flexible work opportunities to suit both the employer and family life.

Jason joined the Liberal Democrats in 2016 – motivated by their strong stance in opposition to Brexit. He has campaigned and marched for a Peoples’ Vote on any final Brexit deal and believes that the UK is far stronger in the European Union.